Trouble Shooting SPARQL_Gateway For RELM

Rational SPARQL Gateway

SPARQL is a querying language for RDF databases analogous to SQL for relational databases. Its power lies in being able to query across RDF artifacts and their relationships that span multiple repositories. RELM supports SPARQL v1.1. Many of the SSE customers are interested in reporting on or exporting cross domain artifact reports in PDF, Excel or CSV format. One of RELM’s core capabilities is to provide near real-time reporting across tools and repositories. The SPARQL Gateway component included with RELM allows you to create reportable XML data sources the from the RDF results returned by the RELM SPARQL queries. Additionally RELM allows you to deploy Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) templates that format these XML data sources into reports that can be easily printed or exported to CSV, Excel or PDF formats.

Tip: For historical or trending reports consider Rational Insight. Also consider existing reporting technologies within each SSE product

Tip: When configuring SPARQL_Gateway for the RELM ( you get the following error when trying to generate a RELM Report

500 (null):CRCPD1006E The LQE endpoint is not defined in SPARQL Gateway

Problem is probably caused by not having Endpoint URL set. Go into LQE and set the end point URL. It should look like


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