Announcement of Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager v4.0.3

Here is the announcement of Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager v4.0.3 availability.  Some great early program customer feedback made it into this important release.

Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager v4.0.3

Includes several improvements:

  • Enhanced Impact Analysis (make IA smarter at understanding raw data – abstracting/insulating the user from RDF representations, better filtering, more interactive capabilities and customizable actions, type based decorations)
  • Improved VVC Support (allow users to manage VVC dimensions)
  • Improved Usability (covering many areas of feedback received to date including unified search page, customizable terminology in product tree, drag and drop for reuse and move within product tree, auto expansion of product tree when performing comparisons, improved product tree organization via user defined queries)
  • Simplified View Creation / Customization
  • Prompting Query Support (parameterized and prompting queries to require less services support)
  • One-Time Import to Product Definition Tree  (basic mechanism to create a PD Tree from simple file)
  • Matrix Report (matrix report will be in csv format.  Easily presented within Excel)
  • All Group 1 Language support!

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