Installing Rational Design Manager v4 on a Single JTS CRJZS0373E

I recently ran into an error installing Rational Design Manager v4 on the same JTS.  The error was “CRJZS0373E While contacting the identity server”   Since there weren’t any Google explanations beyond the single entry in the documentation I thought I would post the solution here.

How this error may happen.  When uninstalling and installing RDM.  If you happen to stop or not completely go through a JTS Setup when installing RDM.  RDM may think think you have completed the setup and turns on identity checks.


View conf/dm/  Look for:

Use Bare Tail DMO logs Jts40/server/logs/dm.log

How To Avoid This Situation and Solution

Ensure you do a clean install by removing old RDM or RELM

  1. Unregister RELM or RDM application from the JTS container.
  2. Stop JTS Server.
  3. Run Installation Manager to uninstall RDM or RELM
  4. Clean directories
  • Clean directories/jts40/server/conf  (if you are using Derby it would be in here.)

Remove rdm lqe relm sparql and vvc from this directory ( warning you will lose all your data)

  • Clean directory JTS40/server/tomcat/work/Catalina/amrrtcserver/ I deleted the folders “dm” and “vvc”. These can safely be deleted because they are recreated from the unzipped data in the tomcat/webapps directory when the tomcat server starts.
  • Clean directories/jts40/server/tomcat/webapps

Remove rdm lqe relm sparql and vvc from this directory

  • Clean directories /jts40/server/tomcat/work/Catalina/yourrservername/

Remove rdm lqe relm sparql and vvc from this directory.  Don’t remove LQE if other products are using it.

  1. If you are using DB2 you want to also should make sure you have dropped the tables used by RDM. In this situation we were using Derby so removing the /jts40/server/conf/rdm  directory would have also removed the derby db.
  2. Reinstall RDM( will include VVC)
  3. Including re-running JTS Setup.
  4. Reinstall RELM ( uncheck VVC option)

If you just deleted the DM plug-ins from the tomcat server, you could force the provision of the DM plug-ins again (that reside in server/conf/dm/sites). This was done by entering the URL https://amrrtcserver:9444/dm/provision. This provisioning is normally done once in one of the DM finalization steps during setup.


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